Jill2 7:00 am Energizing Morning line review, shopping with Althea Korea and Hexylene Glycol

Long before becoming skincare obsessed, I was naive (read: lazy) and way too invested in the Western idea of covering up problematic skin. I suffered for over a decade with raging hormonal acne, and after having my boy, my skin also got super oily. Until getting sane and diving head first into the AB community, I spent a disproportionate amount of resources investigating full coverage, matte foundations to cover my terrible skin, and using highly pigmented shadows to create overly heavy eye looks to distract from the war zone that was my jaw line. Continue reading “Jill2 7:00 am Energizing Morning line review, shopping with Althea Korea and Hexylene Glycol”

Muriel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Lucky Box.

I’m sure by now, most of you will be familiar with with Charis Lucky Box issues. For me, it all started with an Instagram video featuring a pretty, light pink box, pulled from a stack of hundreds. When opened, a glorious assortment of gorgeous Kbeauty products is unfolded and shown to the camera… Huxley, Klavuu, Beige Chuu… it seemed like endless amazing brands spilled forth. The exact text on the post read,

“Lucky Box event for new comers! 100% for REAL! I’ve secretly opened one of the Lucky Boxes you’ll get (Hush!) Look at all these products! Can U believe that it’s only $19.99? Check the link in bio for purchase.” Continue reading “Muriel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Lucky Box.”

Weekly Mask Review #002

I discovered Coffee Caramel Boba last week. You must be thinking, “Why on earth is she leading with boba in a sheetmask review?” Well then, you’ve clearly never had Coffee Caramel Boba. I’d like these weekly recaps to be a little more intimate than just reviews on my sheetmasking… and well, if you met the love of your life last week, I would want to hear about it! So here we are… talking about Coffee Caramel Boba, and the meaningless existence that is your life if you are not currently consuming this heavenly beverage on the reg. Oh yea, I also got to see a good friend get married, had a crazy hectic but successful week at work, saw my kid perform in the cutest little musical, and my cousin’s wife is currently in labor… but that Boba, y’all!!

Continue reading “Weekly Mask Review #002”

Weekly Mask Review #001

It is after much deliberation, that I have decided to remove my sheet mask reviews from Instagram and give them a new home here on the blog. It has always been a little annoying to me trying to write full reviews in such a short space, and I’ve never felt fully satisfied with the rushed reviews I’ve written over there. With that being said, welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Mask Review!! Continue reading “Weekly Mask Review #001”

Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Masks

If you’ve been hanging around my Instagram account for awhile now, you might remember that time I bought all the Leaders sheet masks…


Don’t be fooled… there are about 50 masks in that pile. I had to. They were Buy One Get One Free. The real crime would have been NOT buying 50 sheet masks. Well, now thanks to the lovely folks at Leaders USA, I have been gifted the entire line of First Ampoule Masks to review! Although I was sent product in exchange for my honest review, all written content is my own. Continue reading “Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Masks”

Praise Propolis: A Kbeauty Guide to Fighting Hormonal Acne

Lately I have been engaging in a lot of conversation over on my Instagram about my experience with hormonal acne. For 13 years, I suffered from hormonal breakouts all along my jawline, with especially high concentration around my chin. I was so blissfully endowed with these face gems, that I was accustomed to a new batch of bright red bumps popping up a few days before the old round would finally clear up. That’s right… I was in a constant state of break out.

It was around the age of 21 when my hormonal acne really came into it’s own. I was a broke college tomboy, and as a result, lacked the resources and frankly, the desire to do anything about it. Still, I was so embarrassed with the state of my face, that I avoided cameras at all costs. Among other events, I don’t have any pictures of my husband and I the summer we met, since I was constantly putting off taking pictures, hoping for just a few days of clear skin. Continue reading “Praise Propolis: A Kbeauty Guide to Fighting Hormonal Acne”