The Quest for Bangin’ Brows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the curtains. As a society, we have clearly decided that eyebrows are one of, if not, the most important feature on the face. In fact, I think most of us would agree, that no matter how late the alarm goes off, eyebrows should never be sacrificed in the name of getting to work on time.  Eyebrows are so powerful, that despite being a hopeless makeup junkie, when the time calls for it- your girl can be completely comfortable with a little mascara and a filled-in brow. Now, I’m not talking about Instagram brows… no need for any drag tricks here. Rather, I’m looking for a natural, filled-in brow… something to frame the face and make me look just a bit more put together. I would even go so far so to say that in the event of a three-wishes scenario, permanently beautiful brows would be a wish worthy of heavy consideration.

For awhile, I had been seriously considering microblading, until a girlfriend of mine spent a few hundred dollars, just for the color to fall out after a month. Turns out, the good shit costs about $800. Being heavily tattooed, I’m not worried about the pain or the permanence, but the idea of giving someone, even an opportunity, to screw up my face- that’s a hard “No”.

So, if microblading is out, what were my options?  After seeing some posts and a bunch of internet ads I decided to investigate Korean brow tinting. I decided to go with the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel in Brown, since they are one of my favorite road shop brands. Etude House can absolutely kill it, even with such affordable price points. If I was going to put my brows in anyone’s hands… it would be theirs.

After unboxing the tint in a recent haul, the box sat around, untouched. There were just so many things that could go wrong… I could apply the tint in a horrible mess, dying my entire forehead… the tint to could dry too hard, ripping out all my brow hairs upon removal… the color could be way too dark or be a weird shade that didn’t match my hair at all… finally I decided, the day before vacation would be the day. In the event of a disaster, at least I wouldn’t have to go to work and face the public.

Here are my before, during and after shots:


So let’s dissect these fears…

Application: I want you to picture me in front of my bathroom mirror, preparing and then false-starting several times before actually laying down the first stroke. After the initial fear faded, it was really not bad at all. You just need to go slow, once your hand realizes your not applying brow powder, and you adjust for the think consistency, it goes on really nicely. After a few times going back and forth to even things up… we were in business!

Removal: taking this product off was nothing like I’d seen from other reviews… I had braced myself for pain and the possibility of bald brows, just to find out that this stuff actually dries pretty rubbery, and removed like a dream.

Color (part 1): After removal, I was shocked to find that I loved the color. I felt it was perfect for my hair and complexion. Up close, yes you could tell that my skin was also dyed, but from even a foot away, the look was killer. Success! And so I went to bed, a happy girl and ready for the most beautiful, low-maintenance vacation of my life!

Color (part 2): Unfortunately we won’t be so quick to queue the singing chorus of beauty angels… when I woke up the next morning, the color seemed a little faded… not terribly but noticeably. No biggie, I’m off to Disney World! That is… until the next morning. The color had lightened significantly and looked orange! It was insane. Now I had to do double brow work, to cover up the completely unnatural color on my face. The color got progressively lighter/weirder for 2-3 more days.

Color (part 3): Part 3? WTH? Ok, so by this point, it turns out that it was really only my skin underneath the brow hairs turning that insane color. Once that wore away, I noticed that my brow hairs seemed to still be a bit darker than usual, and while in no way looked filled in and shapely, did provide a slightly better look than normal, naked brows. This lasted another 2 days.

So here I am, in the aftermath, with completely mixed feelings about this particular product, and the overall category. The initial look was so perfect, that now I feel like I’ve had the secret to perfect brows delivered to and then ripped from my hands! I can’t help but wonder if other brands/shades have a similar problem during the fading process? And since I’m a glutton for punishment in the name of beauty, looks like this is the first in a long list of brow tint experiments… the Quest continues!

Have you tried a brow tint with success? Please share your experience in the comments!





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