Weekly Mask Review #001

It is after much deliberation, that I have decided to remove my sheet mask reviews from Instagram and give them a new home here on the blog. It has always been a little annoying to me trying to write full reviews in such a short space, and I’ve never felt fully satisfied with the rushed reviews I’ve written over there. With that being said, welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Mask Review!! It will be my aim to post weekly reviews of all sheet masks used during each week (Monday to Sunday) and to have the recap up each Monday. Also, you will find a much more formulaic approach to the reviews. Going forward, each review will follow a similar format and include the following information: packaging, price/availability, material/fit, claims/notable ingredients, wear time, effect, and an overall rating including whether I would would be likely to repurchase.

Now, let’s get into it!!

Etude House 0.2mm Air Mask: Blueberry

Packaging: I love having a full set of these 0.2mm Air Masks in my collection at all times, and a good portion of why is because I think these things are gorgeous. I don’t take my Asian Beauty too seriously, and so I find myself more drawn to the clean, cute and colorful! Also, I think these masks are so intriguing to kbeauty newbies, I can easily hook a new partner in crime, by handing out a few of these!

Price/availability: These masks are popping up everywhere, but in my opinion, you are best off waiting until Etude House offers free shipping or a holiday discount code, because if you do, you can absolutely STEAL these things! Full price, Etude sells a 30 pack, 2 of all 15 flavors for $39, or $1.30 each, where I normally see these being sold on US sites for $2-$2.50. If you can hold out until Memorial Day or Labor Day, they will usually run 30-40% off site wide. At 30% off you’d be looking at .91/mask!

Material/fit: I love the fit of these masks! They are thin, pliable and only wrinkle up in a few spots on me. The material is gorgeously thin, but I never seem to struggle when unfolding, and I like that they don’t need a pearl backing to keep shape.

Claims/notable ingredients: The blueberry flavor is intended to firm and give the skin radiance and features blueberry extract, allantoin, licorice root extract, ginger root extract, camellia leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, lemon fruit extract and mandarin orange oil and ceramide.

Wear time: I get a solid 20 minutes from these masks, never more. The thin nature of the mask leads these to dry up at the quicker end of the masks I’ve tried. For the price I paid, I’m ok with that fact, and actually try to use these intentionally when leisurely masking isn’t an option.

Effect: I am fortunate to not yet need any major lifting effects from my products yet, but I absolutely feel like my skin looks plump and more energized after use. This mask is actually one of my favorites for day time masking before a special event.

Overall rating: I give the blueberry flavor a 3.5/5. This is what I like to call a “stash builder”. These masks are great to have to bulk up your stash and to use when you want to begin masking daily. The ingredients list is a bit long, and there are some fillers. Don’t pay $2 per mask, but absolutely try them out! I will definitely be repurchasing this particular flavor.


Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask

Packaging: Naruko packaging might be boring for some, but I actually love how all the bright, solid colors look in my collection. the solid jewel tones, are totally my aesthetic!

Price/availability: Naruko masks are not widely available, but I are easily accessible from the Naruko Boutique site. Naruko is constantly offering different deals and incentives on their individual lines, and right now boxes of 8 are B1G1 Free with additional 20% off (with purchases of $100+).  Right now these masks are working out to about $1.60/each. My general goals is to find great masks at or under $2, so that works for me!

Material/fit: Black masks are quickly becoming one of my favorite things on this planet. Like, not just in beauty. Like out of everything… I consider this Naruko mask the best fit (outside of a biocellulose) the best fit I’ve ever found.

Claims/notable ingredients: This mask helps to absorb excess oil and prevent acne; it enables oil-water balance. The essence features tranexamic acid, salicylic acid, lentil seed extract, sodium hyaluronate, licorice root extract, phytoferulin (a patented complex formulated with 11 different plant extracts), tea tree/orange/spearmint/lemon/lime/peppermint/grapefruit/niaouli essential oils.

Wear time: This masks seems to last forever. Pretty much all Taiwanese black masks have extraordinarily long wear times, but this one never seems to dry out. And with how relaxing and cooling the wear experience is, I’m glad… I will wear this sucker until I fall asleep most times.

Effect: I always wear one of these the night before a long makeup day to help with oil control. With consistent use of this mask, and other products in the Tea Tree line, I see improvements in my oily complexion.

Overall rating: With clean, effective ingredient and the best fit around, I’m tempted to give this mask a perfect 5/5!


Hey! Pinkgo Girl Papaya Brightening & Exfoliating Mask

Packaging: Ummm… is the answer Too Cute accurate enough?? The Pinkgo girl and her pal are just adorable! And can we just notice that they seem to be polishing the papaya? A papaya who seems to be wearing a pink headband. I’m in love!

Price/availability: I’ve only been able to find these on Amazon in a multi pack, but 8 of this variety goes for $12.30 right now, or $1.53/each.

Material/fit: The material is soft and pliable, the fit is mostly good. Though the forehead is weirdly tall, it’s nothing too off putting. This mask leaves a moderate amount of wrinkles, but again nothing worth docking points over.

Claims/notable ingredients: This mask is designed to exfoliate and brighten and features tremella fuciformis extract (which I had to google and apparently has been used in China since the 700s, much like hyaluronic acid, this fungus helps attract water to the layers of skin!), hyaluronic acid, Tahitian sea water, marine collagen, allantoin, Bali sea salt, black pearl, squalane, papaya and cucumber extract.

Wear time: This mask wears on the sorter side, around 25 minutes. The essence being a bit sticker and jelly-like doesn’t keep the sheet saturated like a watery essence

Effect: Because I have a pretty dedicated acids routine, I don’t tend to need extra exfoliation, however, the brightening effect was substantial and though not in the claims, this mask was insanely hydrating. The next morning, my skin looked amazeballs!

Overall rating: I’m going to give this a solid 4/5, I can definitely see myself repurchasing this line, but since I don;t really need the exfoliation properties, maybe not that particular flavor.


Esfolio Pearl Essence Mask Sheet

Packaging: I just die over this entire Esfolio line and their packages!

Price/availability: $2/ each and readily available on Memebox. However, if they’re out of stock, you can find them at Beauteque for $2.49 (my advice is to wait til you can grab them from Memebox, tho).

Material/fit: For a basic cotton sheet, this mask has a great fit for me. This entire line fits extremely well with minimal wrinkles.

Claims/notable ingredients: This mask claims moisturize and nourish with fresh pearl extract, vitamin of quince extract and portulaca oleracea extract, ginseng (which you can smell as soon as you pull the mask out), sodium hyaluronate. Note: this mask contains methylparaben and fragrance, for those of you wishing to avoid those ingredients.

Effect: Moisturized and nourished, indeed! After using this mask, it’s like I’ve got the supple cheeks of an itty, bitty baby!

Overall rating: 4/5 since I’m not wild about the methylparaben (more on parabens to come in future posts, a current report available at EWG sites methylparaben as a moderate concern with limited research).


*Jayjun Rose Blossom Nourishing & Hydrating Mask

Packaging: Beautiful and sophisticated, makes for a lovely presentation in a gift!

Price/availability: $2.50/each, I received mine for the lovely ladies over at Angie&Ash, thanks dolls!

Material/fit: Another mask, just the way I like them… soft, pliable fabric with an open, translucent weave. This mask has perfect height and width for my face with limited wrinkles.

Claims/notable ingredients: Nourishing and hydrating; rosa flower water 1%, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin. Note: this product contains fragrance.

Effect: The rose water, though low in concentration, gives the mask a lovely smell and the effects are absolutely hydrating.

Wear time: this mask gave a standard 30 minutes of wear, the wear experience was cooling and pleasant smelling.

Overall rating: 3.5/5 although my initial reaction was love, I think the wear experience was heightened by the rose scent. Now looking back, the mask is good, but the ingredients are lacking, especially for the price.


It’s Skin Green Mud Mask Sheet

Packaging: Want to talk about my personal aesthetic? This is it, all day. Clean, white with an accent of great color!

Price/availability: I got this from Beauteque for $3.49, though I would consider this a rarer find, since I’ve never seen it sold anywhere else.

Material/fit: This fit pretty much the same as all other mud sheet masks I’ve tried, plenty of slits for customization, though the nose was very long and the forehead was very tall.

Claims/notable ingredients: Claims to gently clear impurities with camellia leaf extract, tea tree leaf extract and green kaolin clay. Note: this product contains fragrance.

Wear time: The instructions say to wear this mask for 20-30 minutes, however, at this time, the mask was nowhere near hardened. After 45 minutes, I removed while still mostly soft.

Effect: I really didn’t like this mask, maybe because I got the soothing version, but I really much prefer the effect of the Tony Moly Mud Mask Sheet. The Tony Moly version has a much more pleasant wear experience (very cooling) and dries fully.

Overall rating: 1/5 this mask just seemed like a huge waste of time and definitely didn’t seem like it did anything to purify my skin like a normal mud mask would.

Well that’s it for this week… all in all the week was good, the masks were good, what more can you ask for, right??  What masks are you loving right now? Anything your curious about, and you would like to see me review? Let me know in the comments… and until next time…



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