Weekly Mask Review #002

I discovered Coffee Caramel Boba last week. You must be thinking, “Why on earth is she leading with boba in a sheetmask review?” Well then, you’ve clearly never had Coffee Caramel Boba. I’d like these weekly recaps to be a little more intimate than just reviews on my sheetmasking… and well, if you met the love of your life last week, I would want to hear about it! So here we are… talking about Coffee Caramel Boba, and the meaningless existence that is your life if you are not currently consuming this heavenly beverage on the reg. Oh yea, I also got to see a good friend get married, had a crazy hectic but successful week at work, saw my kid perform in the cutest little musical, and my cousin’s wife is currently in labor… but that Boba, y’all!!

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Lychee & Honey Moisturizing Lifting Lace Mask


Packaging: The packaging is absolutely the reason I invited these little guys into my home. The Pinkgo Gal and her Pal are just too cute! I also love that the art for the lace line is very playful, but has a little elegance to it too. Just love!

Price/availability: I actually grabbed this in a multi pack, which is my preferred way to try any new mask line, and received 8 masks for $17 but if you buy these in packs of the same flavor, they are usually $3/each for the lace, and around $1.20 for the traditional sheets. I found mine on Amazon, but haven’t seen them anywhere else. Normally being a single source products docks points for me, but since it’s Amazon, that feels easily accessible to me.

Material/fit: This lace mask was surprisingly soft and really felt lovely on the skin. Being a lifting mask, the neck portion of the mask was tight, but no overly so. The loops around my ears were a little uncomfortable, but that was mostly due to the placement of ear piercing that I have, and how they interfered with the fabric; wearing the mask never hurt, which other v-line masks I’ve tried definitely did.

Claims/notable ingredients: This mask aims to moisturize and lift and features lychee extract, hydrolyzed honey protein, hydrolyzed royal jelly protein, allantoin, aloe, and tranexamic acid.

Wear time: I wore this mask for about 35 minutes and could have gone longer, except I was soooo ready for bed.

Effect: Call me crazy, but I absolutely saw a lifted and tighter look to my face. And the thin, watery essence left no residue. I highly recommend this as a day time, special event mask. The next lace mask I try, I will do in the day so I can test it with makeup application.

Overall rating: 4/5 temporary effect great for special occasions.


AM Greentea Purify Calming Mask

Packaging: The AM Piggy Head people are just the cutest, and I love the artwork on the packaging. Little Green Tea man, is not my fave, but he’s still super cute- plus I love that he is wearing a mask sheet himself!

Price/availability: You guys… these masks aren’t super available, but do yourself a favor and go to Miibox and get you some! $5/5 pack makes these one of the best, most inexpensive masks I’ve tried.

Material/fit: The material on the masks is crazy this, and the sheet is designed with the perfect slits for contouring along the jaw line. I get a few wrinkles along my upper lip, but everything else fits like a second skin.

Claims/notable ingredients: The Green Tea flavor is purifying/calming and features lavender, chamomile and grapefruit extracts and witch hazel leaf water.

Wear time: This mask gives a solid 25 minute wear, and is currently my favorite mask experience. The essence is so cooling on the face. This has become my go-to “long day at work and I just can’t even” mask.

Effect: This mask is the most relaxing mask I’ve used. It’s one of those sheets that you can’t help but deep sign randomly while wearing it, because it’s just so relaxing. So calming? Yea, I’d say so!

Overall rating: 5/5 (will repurchase til the end of time)


no:hj Opuntia Humifusa Mask Pack


Packaging: I consistently love no:hj packaging (I mean, hello! Banana flasher lol) abd this is no exception, I love and cute and different the little heart shaped cactus is, and the wood background is super on trend.

Price/availability: I have actually never seen this particular mask before receiving it in my February Facetory Box. It looks like you can get boxes of 10 at testerkorea.com for $35.54 (so $3.54 each).  You can also find these on facetory.com in singles, 5s or 10 packs with price varying. I would definitely consider these low availability masks.

Material/fit: If you’ve been around awhile, you know my true material love is and always will be tencel style sheets. However, every once in a while a standard cotton sheet will blow my mind, and this is one of those occasions. This had a stellar fit with almost zero wrinkles, and stayed perfect throughout wear.

Claims/notable ingredients: So since this packaging had no English, I had to refer to the Facetory site, which says the “prickly pear is… known for its vitamin c and moisturizing strengths. The cotton sheet is not only soaked in an essence containing aloe, tea tree, lavender, avocado, bamboo, centella, milk, green tea, tomato, and mulberry but also contains little gold flakes that are sprinkled throughout the mask! Overall, all these ingredients help to calm sensitive and irritated skin along with providing moisture and nutrition.”

Wear time: This was great for about 40 minutes.

Effect: Calmed skin, super moisturizing and very plump look!

Overall rating: 4/5 (a little price/hard to find, other than that really stellar!)

Nature Planet Blending Herb Tea Relaxing Mask

Packaging: Very pretty, and clean, but I hate the shape. Its wide which makes it hard to accommodate in my current storage system. Am I nitpicking, sure.

Price/availability: I received this in my February Beauteque Mask Maven, but they sell on Beauteque for $2.50. I’ve never found these masks anywhere else.

Material/fit: The material is great, nice and thin, just like I like it. The fit was a little wide in the mouth and eye holes, but nothing severe. Well placed slits for customization.

Claims/notable ingredients: This Green Tea flavor is supposed to moisturize and balance skin’s hydration and oil production. The mask has no English ingredient’s on the package, but Beauteque lists camellia leaf, apple/honey/ginger root extracts, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin.

Wear time: Wear time was a little short, around 20 minutes. The mask in general seemed a little light on essence.

Effect: Any product claiming oil/hydration balance, usually doesn’t show any immediate benefits without extended use, in my observation, and this mask is no different. It was, however, pleasantly hydrating.

Overall rating: 3/5 (it’s fine, but I can do better for less money)


Mybogam Hangbang Five Flavor Berry Sheet Mask


Packaging: Really gorgeous, combined with the buzzword Hangbang, definitely led to me giving up my dollars.

Price/availability: $3, only seen on Memebox.

Material/fit: The material on this mask is super interesting. It feels kind of squishy… almost like there are tiny little cells in the material holding onto the essence like little capsules. The fit, however, was horrible. Like… atrocious. Despite the flexible feel of the sheet material, the mask wouldn’t lay flat on the center of my face, and the edges curled majorly.

Claims/notable ingredients: This mask says to be hydrating, brightening, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory and showcases Five Flavor Berry extract, glycerin, niacinamide, licorice root, centella and sodium hyaluronate (no English on the package, ingredients taken from memebox.com)

Wear time: Six minutes. You read that right… after five minutes the mask started rolling so badly at the edges it was 1/4 of the way off my face. After trying repeatedly to smooth it down, I finally gave up.

Effect: Couldn’t really say… My fave didn’t encounter the product long enough due to the hideous material/fit.

Overall rating: 0/5 (I’ve gotta be able to actually wear a mask before I can rate it)

Well my dears, that is all for this week. I would say the masks were over all pretty successful, save one standout dud. I will absolutely repurchase the AM Piggy Head masks, and I would never be sad about coming n contact with another of the No:hj masks. And as of wrapping this up, I just got word that my March Facetory box has shipped!! So there will be plenty of new goodies to write about next week.

Until then… Happy Masking!!






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