Muriel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Lucky Box.

I’m sure by now, most of you will be familiar with with Charis Lucky Box issues. For me, it all started with an Instagram video featuring a pretty, light pink box, pulled from a stack of hundreds. When opened, a glorious assortment of gorgeous Kbeauty products is unfolded and shown to the camera… Huxley, Klavuu, Beige Chuu… it seemed like endless amazing brands spilled forth. The exact text on the post read,

“Lucky Box event for new comers! 100% for REAL! I’ve secretly opened one of the Lucky Boxes you’ll get (Hush!) Look at all these products! Can U believe that it’s only $19.99? Check the link in bio for purchase.”

I went straight to the bio to check things out. When I got to the site, this is what I saw: a list of 41 products, pictures of sample boxes, a guarantee of $40 value and chance for up to $300 value, “Amazing products, too good to pass up.”




Obviously the box pulled for the video was a best case scenario, but I had been seriously lusting after the Heimish All Clean Balm, the Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin bronzer, and any/all things Huxley. In that moment, my perception was that each box would have a chance at any of the listed products, so I went for it. $19.99, no tax, free shipping? Guaranteed $40 value? I’m down.

Before we move on, let me first explain what this write up is not… It’s not about not getting a $300 box. It’s not about getting a $40 box. This is, however, a write up on the reality of the “$40” box. It is about answers to questions that just don’t add up… and that seemed to change over time to fit a shifting story. This is about, what appears to be, a company getting caught being shady and refusing to own up to it. This is about calling out a scam and not allowing a refund to cover it up.

Let us begin:

Shipping of the second round of boxes seemed to take forever. I checked my tracking religiously, more often than not to discover no updates whatsoever. I kept a lookout in Instagram stories for unboxings. Finally, I caught @Modgeek do a live unboxing in her stories. It was a pretty sorry looking box. 13 EBBUJIN Red Ginseng Mask Packs, a Daiso blending puff, Missha 3D Mascara, YURICA Dual Lip Tattoo Pen, a Beige Chuu cushion air puff (just the puff), and decanted samples of Dr. Flora White Essence and Toner.

During her series of videos, Robbie (@modgeek) discovers that the date printed on the back of the sheet masks is 03.09.2017. Now as far as anyone knows, beauty products are stamped, either with a production date or an expiration date. That means that, by the time she received her box, she had 13 days to use 13 masks. Pretty shitty, if you ask me.


That is a picture of my own box. Do those items sound a little familiar? My immediate reaction was to flip those masks over to check the expiration date… because if those masks are good to go, I might not be thrilled about my box, but I’m not gonna be too heated… 03.09.2017. I will just say that, I am normally a pretty even tempered woman. But I hit the roof. Hard. I felt so ripped off. not just was the box shitty, but I spent so long anticipating what was promised to be a really fun Kbeauty experience. I had been on a very serious low buy since the Christmas season, and was kind of putting all my beauty buying energy into this Lucky Box.

Let’s break this box down shall we?

  1. Ebbujin Mask Pack:$4 (per sheet) x13
  2. Missha 3D mascara:$6
  3. Yurica Eyebrow Tattoo Pen: $14.99
  4. Daiso Blending Puff: not listed as possible product
  5. Beige Chuu Air Puff: not listed as possible product
  6. Dr. Flora White Essence and Toner decanted samples: not listed as possible product
  7. Klavuu White Pearlsation foil samples: not listed as possible product

So, from the possible products listed on the site, we have a total value of $72.99 according the product values listed on the Lucky Box event page. But wtf is up with $52/of that $73 having only 11 days (by the time I received my box) until expiration???

I went straight to Instagram and lit up the Charis DMs.


I know this initial message wasn’t very articulate, but I can’t over emphasize how pissed I was. Their response…


“However, it’s lucky box and the composition of the box was completely random.” Let’s talk about this response, shall we? “Random composition” suggests that each box a a random chance at receiving a variety of different products, does it not? Like, maybe each box would get the puffs and samples, but the main products should look very random if you looked at the collection of all 1300 boxes side by side, right?

So why is it, that if you search across social media, you see the majority of boxes with the exact same composition, save maybe the difference of the lip or eyebrow tint, I think I saw a deluxe sample of bb cream in a few. That is not “random composition”, my friends. that is assembling a bunch of nearly identical, shitty boxes, and throwing a few good ones in the mix.

So before we move on, remember at this point… I’m just salty because I didn’t like my box. My box’s current value is $73. Note: please excuse the autocorrect error: “exportation” should be expiration, I didn’t proof read, on account of my blind rage.


To which they replied:


So, in this response you are telling me: the printed date is a “distribute by” date, that because of ingredients they have a natural shelf life, they are not a product sold by you and being so, not meant to be part of the lucky box, but actually a very gracious free gift? Ok. Subtracting the masks… New box value: $21.



Ok, so now we have been told that the variety I, and so many others received was only 12% of the total boxes, but that yes, it was a pre-set composition (conflicting with the previous idea of “random composition”, and they are saying people I know must have gotten similar boxes because we ordered around the same time? If all this is so random and lucky, what on earth would ordering date have to do with anything?

By this point, my friend Kayla (@peachkao) had received her box… with the exact same items (no surprise), and that’s when things got really interesting. A lot of us on Instagram had gotten pretty loud about the shit nature of these boxes. There were group DM convos… Intagram Live videos… tons of stories… and the posts of disappointment were really starting to pop up in large numbers. Seeing the large and negative response, Kayla organized a formal complaint via email.

This is that email:


Well, it seems like by the time Kayla’s letter made it their way, they had already had an earful, because Charis immediately replied that they were working on their “Official Statement”.  On March 1, 2017 at 11:21 PM, I was sent the following:


The official statement then goes on to express sincere apology before ending. Now, I would be all about accepting an apology along with getting my money back, if it weren’t for several gaping holes in this excuse…

In this explanation, we have them restating the sheet masks were a free gift, in order to side step the concerns about expiration date. Now, that they must acknowledge undervalued boxes, suddenly the answer is that the main item(s) didn’t get included in all boxes from the last two shipment dates?

Let’s break this down…

  1. There were exactly 19 days between when the second round of boxes shipped, and the release of the “official statement”. Charis has announced the sale of at least 1300 of these boxes; assuming equal division among three delivery dates, that’s around 433 boxes per shipment; the statement says that all boxes from the second and third shipments were affected with this packing problem, that’s 866 boxes. If we assume each of these boxes was only means to have one “good” item, that’s still 866 unshipped products. Now, I don’t work in logistics, or supply chain management, but I would assume that with a program like this, one must have had the products used to create the boxes separated in some way in the warehouse. Remember when they told me only 12% of the boxes had the same configuration as mine? To me, this is further proof that they must have had very specific organization of the items going into the boxes. So I am supposed to believe that no one noticed 866 extra products in their warehouse? You’re not that big of an operation, Charis… this seems highly unlikely.
  2. The products were left unpacked, eh? Why then, only offer a refund? Why not give your customers the option between getting their money back and being sent their due product? Oh, because there never was any product…???
  3. I would also like to point out how interesting it is that there were no issues with the first round of boxes. You know, the first ones out… the ones mysteriously showcased by Instagrammers with high follower counts… the boxes that would get everyone interested. Really interesting how all the boxes were perfectly fine and brimming with goodies…
  4. Lastly, there was no extra room in these boxes. None of them. Researching this piece, I’ve talked to a lot of people about this… In fact, Casi (@sbrbeauty) managed to take a picture of her box in almost the exact shape it was shipped… File_000(28)

In this picture, you can clearly see that every inch in height and width is filled in this box. The only difference between this picture, and the way it was shipped is that all the products on the right were wrapped in bubble wrap, which resulted in a full height as well. So please, tell me where this extra product was supposed to go?

Just to be clear, everything presented in this post in unedited. Nothing has been curated to present a skewed image. these are just the facts, as I have them. And I don’t know about you, but when I see all of this strung together I can only see an obvious attempt to lure people in with early glimpses of amazing boxes, and then unload a warehouse of a bunch of expiring products that hadn’t sold in 2016. Then when they got found out, instead of owning up to it, we have this obviously fake mea culpa and a refund, hoping to sweep it all under the rug.

But I see you, Charis. I see you and your shady tactics, and I will make sure that any time I hear someone utter your name, they get a nice little earful. What can I say, Karma is a bitch and so am I   😉



p.s. I would like to thank all the girls who raised hell, especially my girl Kayla. Together, we may have still gotten lied to, but at least we got our money back! I hope this bites them in the ass, and that you all remember not to take any company’s shit! ❤

4 thoughts on “Muriel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Lucky Box.”

  1. I even made a comment about how after seeing everyone I know who purchased the Lucky Box get scammed made me never want to buy from them and I have told my friends to avoid them as well. They deleted the comment immediately and never even responded to me. I was heated when I saw how everyone was treated. They really do not care about customers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, once you start deleting comments, the guilt is pretty obvious. All in all, I’m glad enough of us were vocal and people got their money back. Such a shame though, the brands really think they can pull this shadiness off.


  2. I just read your entire post. I heard about this “issue” thru kaylas story..saw casis story and then came upon your post. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to document and write up this piece. Since the incident I kept stalking their site and channels to find out more about how they conduct their business. Xo


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